Womens Empowerment Cell (WEC)


  • To motivate and inspire girl students in their pursuit for excellence.
  • To promote awareness among girl students on occupational, legal and constitutional rights.
  • To educate girl students on women specific health issues and measures to be taken.
  • To sensitize girl students on gender equality and to further encourage them to advocate gender equality within the community.
  • To make girl students realize their strengths and be empowered.
  • To sensitize boys on gender equality.

Women Empowerment Cell

S.No Name Position
1 Mrs. Ramya.N, Associate Professor Chairperson
2 Mrs. Sk Shabana, Associate Professor Member
3 Mrs. J Swathirmayi, Associate Professor Member
4 Ms. Divya M, Assistant Professor Member
5 Ms. S Chandrakala Student Member
6 Ms. Hemasudha C Student Member
7 Ms. K Akhila Student Member